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Load balancing multiple CDNs or how jsDelivr works

Don’t Know jsDelivr? You will. If you’re not in the know, jsDelivr is a free and public CDN that offers hosting for developers at no cost. It’s a lot like Google Hosted Libraries, but with more projects and freedom. Anyone can submit a library for hosting on this CDN. It’s fast with multiple points of […]
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How To Improve Your SEO With Robots.txt and Canonical Headers

Search engine crawlers (aka spiders or bots), scan your site and index whatever they can. This happens whether you like it or not, and you might not like sensitive or autogenerated files, such as internal search results, showing up on Google. Fortunately, crawlers check for a robots.txt file at the root of the site. If it's there, […]
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How To Reduce Image Size With WebP Automagically

This guest post is by Adam Bradley, founder and developer of CDN Connect. He specializes in image optimization, resizing, content-aware cropping, and responsive web design, with the goal of keeping content strategies and workflows simple. tl;dr Browsers may use the Accept header to indicate supported content types. This lets you serve optimized images to minimize bandwidth and improve […]
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Shipping Now: API Hints, Easier API Whitelisting & Python Library Fixes

There are now tons of API hints planted through out the control panel.  We want to make it as painless as possible to find the right API calls to integrate with us and build on our API. API Hints to Documentation Easier API Whitelisting from CP3 . "Alias" more Clearly Displayed on API page   […]
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Using the NetDNA API to Manage Your SSL Settings

A key advantage of using NetDNA is the ability to access every control panel feature through the API. And for developers running SSL-enabled platforms, managing certificates and keys programmatically is a major time-saver.
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Supercharge your site with Jekyll, S3 and MaxCDN

This is a guest post by Kyle Rush, who is the the Deputy Director of Frontend Development at Obama for America. He specializes in optimizing web apps for performance, conversions and user experience.
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How to Improve Amazon S3 Download Performance with a CDN

Among the thousands of origin servers we support, Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) is the most popular (especially among our Enterprise CDN customers). And although S3 is great at warehousing content, it's not designed with the price and performance considerations of a CDN.
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How To Achieve a 2 Second Page Load with a Magento eCommerce Store

This is a guest post by Kris Kayyal, who has a degree in Business and a background in conversion rate optimization & user experience. He grows the business, and profits, for companies large and small. Learn how, a spy camera store, optimized their website. They took Magento, a platform notorious for slow load times, and had […]
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MaxCDN at SCALE 10x

The MaxCDN operations team as well as friends and colleagues of our company will be on hand during the convention, as well as walking the Exhibit Hall floor.  As past sponsor of Scale 9x, how could we miss the oppurtunity to attend, especially since its in our own backyard of Los Angeles, CA! MaxCDN as […]

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Ten Tips On Saving Bandwidth

Saving bandwidth on your website is one ideal way to reduce the bills you need to pay. Like many shared hosting companies, you may have “unlimited” bandwidth and it may not be a huge factor to you, but what should be is your site’s reliability, uptime, and performance. If you’re receiving too many visitors, they […]

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