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Submit API Bugs on GitHub

Here at NetDNA we love GitHub. We use it for our Open Source Projects, as well as some super secret projects that I can't tell you about...yet.  As a Developer Advocate, my job is to make sure that our community of hackers have the tools they need to succeed.  Since I can only be on Skype […]
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How To Achieve a 2 Second Page Load with a Magento eCommerce Store

This is a guest post by Kris Kayyal, who has a degree in Business and a background in conversion rate optimization & user experience. He grows the business, and profits, for companies large and small. Learn how, a spy camera store, optimized their website. They took Magento, a platform notorious for slow load times, and had […]
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After months of revisions, debates, all-nighters, skype calls, trello cards (need I go on?) we are happy to present the all new Read More Here  
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BootstrapCDN Partners with WebGL Stats

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Their mission is to make WebGL developers lives easier by collecting RUM data to see who was WebGL capable browsers.  Since our homepage get's about 9,000 uniques a month (no where near the 50,000 per day max) we have placed the async code on our home page (index.html), not any […]
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Bootswatch ‘no-icons’ Version

Issue #47 was closed out today.  It allows you to be able to use BootstrapCDN + Font Awesome + Bootswatch.
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64+ Million Request

Three months ago we launched BootstrapCDN.  It is pretty amazing to see the adoption since launching in June of this year. Here are the stats:
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Post-mortem for September 13th 2012

Yesterday there was an unfortunate, more like an unacceptable 2 hour downtime on the Web site and BootstrapCDN service.  I (Justin Dorfman) am taking full responsibility for not putting proper monitoring & escalation procedures in place.  My biggest mistake was assuming something like this would never happen, and I am the one to blame, not the company I […]
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Purging Pull Zones Cache

One easy way you can purge your Pull Zones Cache programmatically is to use the Pull Zone API. This method will allow you to delete a cache of a specific Zone ID. To get the list of Zone Ids in your account, you will need to use the Get Pull Zone method. You can click […]
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Tonight’s Downtime

There was approximately 2 hours of downtime tonight.  We are getting all of the information together and will have a full post-mortem sometime by tomorrow.  Also we will be putting together a plan to escalate incidents like this immediately in the future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Please bookmark this page for the future:
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New Record

Today we had our biggest day: Transferred: 40.48 GB Cache Hits: 2,629,309 Help support this project:
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