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Speed Awareness Month Article Round Up

For the 2nd year in a row, we're organizing a lot of the thought leaders in web performance to produce the blog for the month of August 2013. For every weekday there is a new post. Here is a round up of the articles posted so far. Please feel free to read and contribute […]

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New PHP SDK Version 2.0.0 Released and Composer Friendly

We've just released version 2.0.0 of our PHP SDK available on GitHub. Our goal for this release was simple: Make it easier for PHP developers to use our stuff.  How we've done this requires some geek goggles so put them on and take a look at the following details: Organized code to be PSR-0 compliant. […]

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BootstrapCDN now serving 3.0.0-RC1

Update: Now Serving RC2 The day has finally arrived!  Release Candidate 1 is now available for you to download...or just let us do the hosting for you!  That is what the official website tells you to do: Use the Bootstrap CDN The folks over at NetDNA have graciously provided CDN support for Bootstrap's CSS and JavaScript. To […]

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Now Serving: Frankfurt

At NetDNA we know that every millisecond counts. We're happy to announce that we've expanded our network with an additional point of presence (PoP) in Frankfurt, Germany. Due to this upgrade, all web traffic nearest Frankfurt, Germany will be served faster. Currently, if you're on Edge 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 or 20  you'll have […]

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Happy 1st Birthday BootstrapCDN

We registered a little over a year ago, on May 25, 2012. By early June the site was deployed, by July 5, 2012 (a year ago today!) external traffic really started to flow. Here's what happened in the next 12 months:

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Austin & Santa Clara: MaxCDN on the Conference Trail

June was a big month for conferences for the MaxCDN team. The first stop was Austin, TX for Hosting Con. A few highlights: Dropping by the WPEngine offices with Fred A BBQ lunch and touring the Spiceworks HQ, a customer of ours Hitting up the CPanel & Softlayer party, talking with many customers and partners

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BootstrapCDN Security Post-Mortem

A very unfortunate security event happened last month, which affected folks using BootstrapCDN. We at NetDNA want to share an open, detailed report in this blog post, and continue to answer questions that may not have been addressed.

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Now Shipping: New Security Features

As you may have read, we had a security breach a few weeks ago. We're putting together the full postmortem, so expect a detailed post in the next few days. Until then, we'd like to highlight the new security features we've been working on (around-the-clock) to further secure your data and account.

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Important Security Update: Resetting your Credentials

The following blog post was sent to all customers as an email communication. Over the Memorial Day weekend the NetDNA (parent company of MaxCDN) Operations team responded to a security breach on a small number of our systems. We immediately took action to block the attackers and mitigate any further security problems.

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Converting Our API Docs from Closed to Open

This guest post is by Nick Baugh, an open source developer from the east coast. He has developed over 30+ MIT-licensed NPM modules for Node.js that receive 4000+ monthly user downloads. You can follow him on Twitter, or write him an email. You can check his open source contributions on GitHub. Over the past weeks […]

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