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Shipping Now: Contact Form, Folder Icons & More Typeaheads

We added a new and improved Contact Us form to help you get in touch with us faster. If you have EdgeReporting+ you will now see folder icons.  If you have Developer Tools enabled (email support to get them active) we put in a Typeahead feature for the cache inspector.  Last but not least we […]
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Shipping: Quick File Purge, Fixed Search, Speed Up Reports

There are now tons of API hints planted through out the control panel.  We want to make it as painless as possible to find the right API calls to integrate with us and build on our API. Pull Zone Quick File Purge in "Manage Zone" API Links on File Purge Search Fix The Reports Summary […]
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Shipping Now: Developer Tools

We have launched a series of new tools to make developer's lives easier.  These features aren't available by default currently, but we'll be happy to turn them on for you.  Please email: support at netdna dot com to activate it. Once developer tools are active, you will see: View Nginx Config Traceroute from Edge to […]
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Shipping Now: API Hints, Easier API Whitelisting & Python Library Fixes

There are now tons of API hints planted through out the control panel.  We want to make it as painless as possible to find the right API calls to integrate with us and build on our API. API Hints to Documentation Easier API Whitelisting from CP3 . "Alias" more Clearly Displayed on API page   […]
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Using the NetDNA API to Manage Your SSL Settings

A key advantage of using NetDNA is the ability to access every control panel feature through the API. And for developers running SSL-enabled platforms, managing certificates and keys programmatically is a major time-saver.
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Accept-Encoding, It’s Vary important.

One of the best things about running BootstrapCDN are the new things I've learned about web performance. Today, I'd like to share a few insights gained while resolving an issue originally brought up by a peer. The concern was to include the Vary: Accept-Encoding header -- it's not on every server response, but it should be. Here's why.
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DNS Outage Post-Mortem

On Monday February 4th, at 3:01 PM PST NetDNA's CDN experienced a service impacting DNS outage, where customer CDN DNS records were not returning correct IP's. NetDNA's Operations Team identified the problem immediately and restored a backup on the DNS server within 15 minutes of the alerted outage. The DNS records took several more minutes to […]
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Supercharge your site with Jekyll, S3 and MaxCDN

This is a guest post by Kyle Rush, who is the the Deputy Director of Frontend Development at Obama for America. He specializes in optimizing web apps for performance, conversions and user experience.
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RFC 3986: Web Encoding Hell

Have you ever had problems with %20 vs + spacing encoding when using external HTTP APIs? We've faced this problem, multiple times. Our own REST API faced this problem. But don't be afraid, there's a reason for it, and there are plenty of solutions out there.
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Getting Started with DreamObjects & NetDNA/MaxCDN API

Our friends over at Dreamhost just officially launched a new service called DreamObjects today.   What is DreamObjects? It's is a cost-effective, public cloud storage service that is now open for general availability! — DreamHost (@DreamHost) January 29, 2013 As we pointed out before, a lot of our customers use our CDN to help accelerate their […]
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