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Grow with Us

At MaxCDN we like it when our friends do well. Today one of our very good friends just did very, very well: WP Engine raised $15 million in funding from North Bridge Growth Equity. Congratulations to Jason Cohen, Ben Metcalfe, and the rest of their hard working crew. A little history, Jason reached out to us […]

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Why Hackers Target Large Websites

FORWARD A lot of you that are MaxCDN or MaxCDN Enterprise customers are involved with running a large website or multiple sites. We wanted to create a series of posts that share some of our experience and research to help better understand the motivations for being attacked and providing practical and current tips to protect […]

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Announcement: The NetDNA brand will become MaxCDN Enterprise

Summary: NetDNA is now MaxCDN Enterprise. We’re providing the same service, the same performance and the same team — with a new look and name. We started NetDNA as an enterprise CDN and along the way we created MaxCDN as a pay-as-you-go service to provide instant access to our CDN - getting users up and […]

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Essential Tools to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

When you have multiple sites to run, it can get hard to keep track of what’s what with each site. Which one needs an update? Which one needs more SEO focus this month? Which one is loading slowly or getting traffic spikes? These questions can take considerable time out of your day if you are […]

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WebFont Performance Review

It’s no secret that Web Fonts have become extremely popular. Sure, I may be biased because I’m responsible for hosting Font Awesome on Bootstrap CDN — but Web Fonts are here to stay. After reading Ilya Grigorik’s post on improving webfont latency in the Chromium project, I was inspired to measure it myself. I wanted to compare […]

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How Anycast IP Routing Is Used at MaxCDN

There’s often a lot of confusion about how Anycast IP routing works for DNS and HTTP requests. We wanted to highlight the difference between the two scenarios and give a quick background on the technology itself. AnyCast vs. Unicast IP Addresses Think of an IP address like a phone number. A traditional (unicast) IP is […]

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Performance review of 10 popular WordPress themes

After reading Chris Lema’s post on Comparing Premium Sliders for WordPress by Performance, I was inspired to review some of my own. I took 9 of the most popular WordPress templates from ThemeForest, plus the default WordPress template “Twenty Thirteen”, and decided to compare their load times. To normalize things, I made sure all themes were […]

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A Real Relationship, Not just Business

I would like share some numbers with you regarding customer support from this year, so far. For the most part, we’ve been very responsive when it comes to our support tickets. Our incoming, Enterprise and escalated response times come in at about 30 seconds. I’m very pleased with this. And our goal for final ticket […]

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MaxCDN Mixer Tonight @ AWS:Reinvent in Las Vegas

Do you happen to be attending AWS re:Invent 2013 this week? If you're up for some drinks on-the-house by your good friends at @datadoghq and @MaxCDN, come spend your evening at our mixer tonight, Thursday, November 14, 2013, starting at 5:30pm! You can RSVP here before the event: Location Details: 3355 South Las Vegas […]

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Load balancing multiple CDNs or how jsDelivr works

Don’t Know jsDelivr? You will. If you’re not in the know, jsDelivr is a free and public CDN that offers hosting for developers at no cost. It’s a lot like Google Hosted Libraries, but with more projects and freedom. Anyone can submit a library for hosting on this CDN. It’s fast with multiple points of […]

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