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Re: Customer Warning – BOOTSTRAPCDN.COM

When starting the BootstrapCDN project we always wanted to be transparent. That is why we always release a post-mortem when there is a service outage, and publicly display our analytics. Last week we received an email from the Go Daddy (our domain registrar) abuse team.  Everything was worked out and I was very happy with the support they […]
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Attack on WordPress & How it Affects You

As some of you may know, there is a large-scale attack against the popular CMS software, WordPress, to exploit easy-to-guess passwords and gain access to its administrator panel. This attack has been rumored to spread against ~90,000 IP addresses, making this brute-force attack one of the largest we've seen. If you are using any of […]
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How To Reduce Image Size With WebP Automagically

This guest post is by Adam Bradley, founder and developer of CDN Connect. He specializes in image optimization, resizing, content-aware cropping, and responsive web design, with the goal of keeping content strategies and workflows simple. tl;dr Browsers may use the Accept header to indicate supported content types. This lets you serve optimized images to minimize bandwidth and improve […]
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Shipping: Origin Server Information

In May 2012 we enabled a feature that would automatically fetch the IP address of the origin server url you specified using a local DNS resolver we have installed on each edge server.  This fixed a lot of issues like when a customer would be behind a load balancer with 2 different public IP's or […]
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Getting Started with Leftronic and MaxCDN

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Leftronic. They provide realtime data visualizations on beautiful dashboards -- regular readers might remember how we use them to monitor our CDN. Our new partnership lets you make your own dashboards with just a few clicks and zero programming. A Tale of Two Companies Last October I had a […]
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Purge All The Things

Purging files is such a frequently used API call, We gave you shortcuts for it!
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  We're happy to announce our most-requested feature: a Point of Presence (PoP) in Asia! This PoP is in Singapore, with more Asian PoPs coming online in the near future. The pricing is a flat-rate: $10/month per zone (overages at the US/Europe rate), and it supports both Custom and Shared SSL.
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Shipping: Donuts, Typeahead on File Purge, Developer Tools for Push Zones

The title pretty much says it all.  There where some other behind the scene bugs that where fixed.  Enjoy! Mmmmmm Donuts API Link on Drop Down Type Ahead on Single File Purge Cache Inspector on Push Zones  
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BootstrapCDN Gets a Makeover

In case you hadn't noticed, we've redesigned BootstrapCDN. This is a fit-and-finish vanity upgrade, and the Bootstrap files are served exactly as before. So what's new?
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We are Hiring

Calling all nerds! We are looking to fill two positions immediately: Support Engineer DevOp/SysAdmin
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