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Announcement: The NetDNA brand will become MaxCDN Enterprise

MaxCDN Enterprise

Summary: NetDNA is now MaxCDN Enterprise. We’re providing the same service, the same performance and the same team — with a new look and name.

We started NetDNA as an enterprise CDN and along the way we created MaxCDN as a pay-as-you-go service to provide instant access to our CDN - getting users up and running in five minutes.

It worked well in the beginning, and we even created and, but as different branches succeed, complications arise. Maintaining multiple brands distracted our focus and added a lot of overhead to our departments. Our marketing efforts were diluted. Each brand needed its own social media account and blog. Each team member needed multiple email accounts. We were managing multiple control panels with unique features and designs ... You get the point.

Our priority concern was that multiple brands might confuse our customers. So by consolidating these brands into MaxCDN, we are getting rid of the confusion and the overhead. By doing this, we can focus on our existing customers, work on cultivating new business, and have the time to develop innovative new features for you.




So in short, we’ll have one brand that can serve everyone, from entry level consumers, to the largest enterprise clients, and everyone in between.

MaxCDN will cater to the needs of users who use less than 50TB/month, whose support needs are minimal, and who can be served by our online documentation.

MaxCDN Enterprise will serve clients that are now under the NetDNA brand, who use more than 50 TB/month, that need a 100% SLAs, priority support, customization, dedicated account representatives, and volume pricing.

We’ll post updates about the re-branding process on this blog.

Got more questions? Well just in case, we provided you with some quick FAQ.


What's staying the same and what's changing?

Most everything is going to stay the same, which includes:

  • The price you pay
  • The quality of service
  • The performance
  • The staff

Besides the name change and the awesome new design, the only other change you'll notice is that the emails we are sending will come from @maxcdn, and not @netdna, @cloudcache, or @hddn. However, in case you want to send us emails to the ones you have saved, the old ones will still work.

How about in terms of billing, will there be any changes that I need to know?

Pricing will remain the same. The only changes that your Accounts Payable department will notice, is that:

  • NetDNA, LLC is now doing business as MaxCDN (NetDNA LLC dba MaxCDN)
  • Your monthly invoice will be branded as MaxCDN
  • NetDNA LLC will continue to appear on your receipts and credit card charges
  • If you require a new W-9 form, please contact us at

What happens to the control panel and the login?

You will redirect to Your credentials will remain the same.

Where did the MaxCDN mascot go?

Retired, stuffed and mounted on our wall. RIP, buddy.



Got a question we didn’t answer? Contact your account manager or email us

  • SearchBuzz

    Good stuff. Simplicity is the way forward. At least now you have less websites that need a cache on them ;)

  • David Henzel

    @ashleypearson:disqus Caching sites is the easiest part, we do this for quite a few people ;)

  • pi3g

    What will happen with the NetDNA name, David? It is a very cool name and could be used for something completely else.

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