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Culture Hacking: NetDNA’s Big Bear Trip

This year, the Dev Team took a retreat to Big Bear Lakes, a beautiful mountain resort 2 hours outside Los Angeles. It's a chance for everyone to meet face-to-face, hack and brainstorm ideas, and have a great time. Our remote team flew into NetDNA HQ from around the world: San Francisco, New York, Argentina and the Philippines. The ensemble included TaylorChris, Eamonn, Justin K, Don, Taro, Karlo, Danny, Lou, Stephen, Susan and Justin D.


We started with the mandatory food run at Walmart: chips, beer, redbull & monster energy drinks, salsa, taco shells, spaghetti, cereal, pop tarts and granola bars. $350 later and we had food for the week. After finishing some last-minute logistics (getting the keys for the condo and creating a schedule), Chris, Danny & Justin K drove up to the house to set up.


Monday morning, a few cars ventured East: Don, Eamonn/Stephen, and Justin/Karlo/Taro. As everyone arrived, beds were picked and house rules laid down. Justin and Chris ran off to the market to grab cold cuts, while Lou brought a freshly-caught fish to us. The afternoon was spent setting up our dev environments and hacking on nearly every part of the business. Come dinner, we had a barbeque, relaxed with pool and poker, and finished up the night with one of our favorite team-building games.


Don & Taro spent the morning fishing, unfortunately it wasn't as fruitful as Don's expedition the day before. TJ arrived at the house, after his Thanksgiving break, and Justin D did some emergency internet maintenance with the help of Radio Shack, replacing the router at the house. On the development end, we updated CDNPanel™ 3, the new MaxCDN design, EdgeRules™ with conditionals, and began work on the statistics update. After launching integrated search (via swiftype), it was time for fish & tacos. The evening was relaxing and played out like the day before: pool, poker, and drinking games to keep us occupied. Check out a few screenshots of the updates, below:    


With Girl Talk bumping in the background, we spent the day in outdoor activities, racing around the go-cart tracks and ziplining through the mountain passes. We capped it off with an Italian-style dinner, a few more games, and Mafia till 4 AM (not quite the trust-building game, but a blast nevertheless).  


Note to self: we need to stay an extra day next time! In the morning, we packed up and were on the road by 11am. We didn't get far before stopping to take photos -- the clouds rolling down the mountainside were spectacular. By the time we made it home at 1pm, we were already looking forward to the next retreat. We hope you can join us!
  • jdorfman

    Good times ;)

  • Julius

    wow, you guys really had a great time!

  • mike czarny

    can’t wait for that OPs trip up ;D nice!

  • Green Zizzle

    Happy days Looks good.

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