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MaxCDN White Paper: Nginx and Cedexis

At MaxCDN we are vigilant about staying ahead of the curve.  We pride ourselves on our speed, quality of service, and our determination to continually improve our services.  We believe in what we are building and constantly look for like-minded companies to help us realize our vision. Two of these great companies are Nginx and […]

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How to restrict anything but MaxCDN to your origin

If you are serving files that are used by multiple third-party websites around the web then security is something very important for you and you need to ensure that these websites will be serving their users what they expect. To do that one of the best solutions would be to create a black box origin […]

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Delivery By SSLv3 Has Been Disabled. We’re Not Afraid Of POODLE’s Bark.

  Our technical teams have become aware of an SSL vulnerability over the past week which has just been published.  This exploit, which targets SSLv3 negotiated secure sessions, allows an attacker to determine the plaintext contents of secure connections. If you want to know the full details of this exploit, review the Security Advisory.

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jQuery Conference Hackathon Winners

On September 12th, at jQuery’s annual conference MaxCDN held a hackathon using CDN traffic from our new Analytics API.  We’re pleased to announce the following winners: 1st - Ryan G. with MapHack 2nd - Kamron K. @KamronKennedy 3rd - Jacob R. @jroufa Github And here are some screenshots of the winning entry, which makes nice […]

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MaxCDN Insights Updates – Real Time CDN Analytics

MaxCDN Insights is our new platform available to all customers that allows for: Real time reporting (requests/bandwidth/cache hit) Viewing raw logs in near real time (CDN access log) Exporting raw logs to an S3 bucket (export full access logs) Starting today, there are several enhancements we’re pleased to announce. Real Time Dashboard The first is […]

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Ionic Framework is now HTTPS enabled

MaxCDN truly believes in an open and fast web and thats why we are not afraid to sponsor projects, both big and small. One such project was Ionic Framework, a mobile app framework that makes it easy to create mobile applications using HTML5 and javascript. Its so powerful, you can even build complex applications pulling […]

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How to use HSTS with MaxCDN

  HSTS stands for HTTP Strict Transport Security which is a security feature supported by most major browsers. How HSTS Works What it does is force the browser to use HTTPS for connecting to a particular website instead of HTTP. Even if a user types in a http:// URL the browser will automatically correct the […]

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6 months of MaxCDN

Over the past 6 months MaxCDN has implemented a large number of new features and improvements. To catch you up on all the changes we decided to create a summary in case you missed anything. Improved CDNPanel Changes to our Control Panel include: Easily accessible stats for all zones. This is perfect for the customer […]

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Configuring your MaxCDN Node.js Application

For those that don't know, MaxCDN provides a Node.js library for accessing your account information via the MaxCDN API – node-maxcdn. As an add-on to this, we just released a simple library, for easily loading your account configuration, modeled after the standard set in maxcli. Sample Configuration Following the instructions at maxcli, Max and Linux […]

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MaxCDN Hackathon at jQuery Conference in Chicago

This year, the jQuery Conference kicks off in Chicago on September 12, so you won’t want to miss it. For web developers, it’s a unique opportunity to learn more about front-end development, as well as get up to date on the latest news, technologies, tools, design, javascript, and of course jQuery related projects! MaxCDN will […]

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